Advice (Quran Sura Al-‘Asr)

والعصر. إنّ الإنسان لفي خُسر. إلّاالّذين أمنوا وعملوا الصّلحت وتواصوبالحقّ وتواصوابالصبر.

QS Al ‘Asr [103]: 1-3

Time (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

In the third verse of sura al ‘Asr above, there are words ‘tawasi bi ‘l-haq’, which means advise each other in the truth. According to Arabic language, the word ‘tawasi’ gets pattern of tafa’ul. So, tawasi is a reciprocal relation of both people. The meaning is that we advise other people in the truth, so do us receive advice from him alike.

Tawasi bi ‘l-haq means each person advise each other in case of righteousness. Meanwhile, the nearest person to advise is they who are in our responsibility and protection, i.e. wife or husband, children and brothers or sisters. Rasulullah s.a.w. used to listen to the advice given by his companions, as mentioned in some events enclosed in the books of sunna and sirah (history). He is narrated always accepts other people’s ideas, even sometimes ignores his own idea. He used to accepts any inputs for the goodness of himself and humankind.

The same things was committed by his companions. Abu Bakr as-Sidiq said in the first khutba (speech) on the podium, “O you all humankind, if you see me in the truth, then help me. And if you see me in fault, then prevent me. Obey me as long as I obey Allah. But, if I do sin to Him, then no reason for you to obey me.”

Each Muslim is a proclaimer of da’wa to Allah. Whoever learns something, he is obliged to apply it and teach other people. This is da’wa. Someone takes da’wa within good words, while others take it within good relationship with uswah hasanah (good model). This is the time for a Muslim not to life within getting busy because of his own business matter, and closes his eyes for the events fall on other Muslims. Tawasi bi ‘l-haq is one of the characteristic of the true Muslim.

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