Da’wa with Love

As for this recent age, da’wa may not be committed with violence or other ways which bring about hatred and hostility. Indeed, da’wa should get the people closer each other, and doesn’t avoid human beings from the guidance of Allah as well. It should bring about love and mercy, not implant hatred and hostility instead. (al-‘adawa wa ‘l-baghda’)

In the very monumental book, “Da’wa (proselytizing) in the globalisation era” (Khitabuna ‘l-Islam fi ‘Ashr al Awlamah), great scholar of the world, Dr. Yusuf al Qardawi appeal the Muslims to propagate with love. The religion, he said, at the core is love, that is love upon the truth, goodness, and peacefulness.

Da’wa, firstly, should be committed by inviting people to love Allah ta’ala. It’s because Allah is the source of grace, favors, and the Bestower of all goodness. (QS An-Nahl [16]: 53)

Actually, man is arrested of goodness (asar al-ihsan). He inclines to be good and to do goodness to everyone who is good and doing goodness for him. So, why isn’t he good and no to love Allah, the God who bestowed him goodness from the hair top to the toe tip? (QS Luqman [31]: 20)

Secondly, da’wa is committed by inviting people to love the nature. Differs from the Western, Qardawi explained that Islam is not against nature, but love it.

It has been narrated, when Rasulullah‘s tortured by the people of Taif, many people asked him prayed for cursing them. However, Rasul rejected it while he was saying, “For the sake of Allah, I wish from this country would be born your descendants who worship Allah. O, Allah, bestow for them Your guidance, because they, indeed (do misdeed) because of their neglect.” (HR Bukhari and Muslim)

So, Rasulullah had started and gave us uswah hasanah (good pattern) of da’wa with love. Imam al-Shahid Hasan al-Banna continued and urged it. He said, “Naghzu ‘l-naas bi ‘l-hubb la bi ‘l-sayf.” (We will fight against humans with love, not with swords)


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