The Trustful Leader

LEADER (Photo credit: FMG2008)

Upon returning from liberation of Yemen, Muslim soldiers brought several ghanimah (loots of war) to Medina and delivering it to Caliph Omar ibn Khattab. The Caliph shared a piece of clothes from the ghanimah to all citizen of Medina then.

After being equally divided, Omar got a piece one. Because the clothes was not fit to him, it could cover to his thigh only. He, then, ask his son, Abdullah, to give his clothes. Then Omar restyled both of the clothes he got so that it covered the ankles.

He, then, get a podium, “O, ye you all, listen to what I’ll convey …” Suddenly, Salman al-Farisi interrupted him, “O, ye Amir al Mu’minin, I won’t listen and obey to your words!” Omar asked, “Why is that?”

“You wear two pieces of clothes, while we only one; where is the justice? You have done something cruel to your people.” said Salman. Listening to Salman’s critics, Omar was not angry but. He just smiled out of embarrassment. “O Abdullah, get up and explain the problems to them.” Omar responded.

Abdullah said then, “My father’s posture is tall. His allotment clothes was not fit, then I gave mine to him. He, then, connected them so that he could cover his aurat.” All companions were shut. “If so, give your messages, o amir al mu’minin, we’ll listen, your instructions will be done.”

The history about model of a leader also have been shown by the Caliph Omar ibn Abdul Aziz. Once upon a time, he was in a forum. When it got noon, he was on edge and feeling bored. He, then, said to the attendance, “You stay here until I come back.”

Then, he come to his royal bed to get a rest. Unexpectedly, his son, Abdul Malik reminded him, “O ye Amir al mu’minin, what’s the matter cause you get to your room?” Caliph answered, “I want to rest a while.” His son asked again, “Are you sure that the death will come, while your people waited in front of your door, while you didn’t serve them?” The Caliph was surprised then, “You’re right my son.” Then he wake up and met his people waiting for him.

The leadership history of two Omar has proven that the leader loved by the people was he who could ignore the egoism. People’s inner and his become “guide” of his leadership.

Only a leader who has inner will “donate” his soul and body to dedicate for development, justice and prosperous of people and nation. He will always give the best service to the people. Prophet s.a.w. has said, “Ask a fatwa (guidance) to your inner self.” (Hadith of Muslim). Including in leading and deciding.

Muhbib Abdul Wahab, 10.11.23 (rol)


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