The Trustful Leader

LEADER (Photo credit: FMG2008)

Upon returning from liberation of Yemen, Muslim soldiers brought several ghanimah (loots of war) to Medina and delivering it to Caliph Omar ibn Khattab. The Caliph shared a piece of clothes from the ghanimah to all citizen of Medina then.

After being equally divided, Omar got a piece one. Because the clothes was not fit to him, it could cover to his thigh only. He, then, ask his son, Abdullah, to give his clothes. Then Omar restyled both of the clothes he got so that it covered the ankles.

He, then, get a podium, “O, ye you all, listen to what I’ll convey …” Suddenly, Salman al-Farisi interrupted him, “O, ye Amir al Mu’minin, I won’t listen and obey to your words!” Omar asked, “Why is that?”
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