Gosip, Kalau Tidak Fitnah Ya Ghibah!

Disadari atau tidak, banyak bicara akan semakin memperbesar peluang kita untuk berbohong. Kadang, untuk ‘memperindah’ omongan, kita menambahkan ‘bumbu’ sebagai pelengkapnya. Fenomena seperti ini tidak susah untuk kita temui atau bahkan mungkin kita sendiri yang mengalaminya.

Fenomena yang paling gampang kita jumpai selain mungkin yang dilakukan diri sendiri adalah acara-acara infotainment. Bukan maksud memojokkan, saya pikir bahwa acara-acara gosip tidak akan ‘enak’ ditonton jika pemberitaan itu lurus-lurus saja. Lurus di sini maksudnya tidak ada sesuatu yang ditambah-tambahi. Untuk mendapatkan hasil gosip yang ‘bagus’ tentulah ada sesuatu yang semestinya tidak digosipkan, lantas digosipkan. Di samping itu, kadang pembawa acara dalam acara gosip pun lebay dalam berbicara, padahal Lanjutkan membaca Gosip, Kalau Tidak Fitnah Ya Ghibah!


Lebaran in Indonesia and Ketupat

Eid will be here soon. If you are Indonesian, you’re surely familiar with ketupat. Eid al Fitr ketupat tradition has become an inseparable part of Indonesian society.

Why ketupat? When was the tradition of making ketupat started? Unfortunately, there is no scientific references on this special food. However, there are estimates which stated that tradition of making ketupat has existed since the advent of Islam to Java, circa 1400’s.

Lanjutkan membaca Lebaran in Indonesia and Ketupat

Boastful and Refuse Paradise

once proud ... now scrap
once proud … now scrap (Photo credit: Leonard John Matthews)

Boastful attitude may caused by having lots of wealth, the beautiful face, or widely learned. Therefore, it is not amazing when this such virus may injects everyone. Anybody has to be cautious.

Anything we have, indeed, is originated from Allah and it may leaves us or we do leave it at any time. It is often happened in a trice.

Someone who commits good deeds is not proper to be boastful though. Even less until he thinks that the good deeds he did will bring him to the heaven or evade him from the hell-fire. Lanjutkan membaca Boastful and Refuse Paradise

Lebaran in Indonesia

Do you know lebaran? Of course you do, if you’re Indonesian, don’t you? But I’m sure that some of you don’t know what is it. I think, lebaran is a new term of –the same kind of—social phenomena that happened in Indonesia. The origin of lebaran is Idul Fitri (Arabic). That is a feast day in Islam which celebrated after the Muslims fast for a month (Ramadan). Lebaran is celebrated on 1st Shawwal. The meaning of the Idul Fitri is come back to the saintliness. Most of people has a notion that lebaran is obliged to be celebrated, because their struggle against of desire for a month has finished. They celebrate it with new clothes, much of meals, Halal Bi Halal, and others.
Actually, they just ordered to tight the rope of sillaturahim. Notably on the Shawwal, if we do a benefaction, we are like doing it for a year.
The origin of lebaran terminology is lebar (Java) that means finish or end. Most of people interpret this word naturally. I mean they judge the finish is finish. All of benefaction they have done for a month is not necessary again right now. So, usually after coming back to saintliness, they leave good deeds and leaving the saintliness, too. It is indication that they failed on fasting.
On lebaran day –and a few days after it, there is a tradition of halal bi halal (forgive one another). Well, from this, a faulty turns up. But I don’t want to say that we are prohibited to forgive each other. I just mean forgiving is not only on lebaran, but also everyday or whenever, isn’t it? Most of people consider and understanding that Idul Fitri (come back to saintliness) is to ask pardon only. But actually, we come back to saintliness is because our benefaction we do during Ramadan.
There are one more phenomena that happened on lebaran. That is ‘mudik’. Mudik is from word udik that mean village/country. So, mudik means coming home to the birthplace. All people want to celebrate lebaran with their beloved family. It feels not complete if we celebrate lebaran without family. Although they are distant, we will visit them whatever happened. It is a beauty of our lebaran. Have a nice lebaran! Taqabalallahuh minna wa minkum taqabbal ya kariim